Welcome to our 2018 MREmountain Holiday Gift Guide

We offer a wide range of products. The goal of this guide is to help you choose a great gift for all of the people on your list this season. 

Scroll down for the section that best matches your gift recipient! Or peruse them all...

  • The Food Explorer/World Traveler

  • The Outdoors Person

  • The Chocolate Lover

  • The Snack Lover

  • The MRE Enthusiast

  • The Tactical Gear Enthusiast

The Food Explorer/World Traveler

We offer several collections for those people in your life who are up for trying ANYTHING or love to try new things. 

We have many curated snacks from around the world, including FULL GIFT SETS featuring both exotic and familiar snacks. 

Our curated snack collection features gift sets from the UK, Germany, Taiwan and Belarus

The Outdoors Person

We have numerous great gifts for anyone who spends any time outside. From high quality imported fleece, to survival equipment, backpacking food and MREs. 

We have a full line of French Special Forces equipment for the serious outdoors person. Including premium backpacks, sleeping bags, gloves, eyewear, mess kits, knives and more. 

We also offer the full line of USA made military MREs and associated items. 

We have all types of outdoor, backpacking expedition food including vegetarian options.

The Chocolate/Coffee Lover

Love chocolate? Love Coffee? Love Caffeine? So do we! We have several exclusive products not found anywhere else in the USA from energy drinks, to caffeinated chocolate to exotic coffees. 

Check out our chocolate collection! 

Energy Drinks, Coffee, Canned Burgers and more!

The Snack Lover

If it's a special occasion or all the time, we all have that person who LOVES snacks of all kinds.

Here you can find everything from Taiwan exclusive Doritos and Lays, to pizza and Norwegian high-tech energy bars! 

The MRE Enthusiast

Do you have a loved one who binge watches Steve1989 or ration reviews? Then we are your one stop shop. We have over 25 nations in stock, and 250+ varieties of MREs from around the world. Everything from Japan to Chile to Russia to Norway!

Our specialty is what we call our "international Ration Surprise Box". A box with 4 unique MREs from 4 different nations, and filled up with goodies from around the world! 

See our Dutch Armed Forces 24 hour ration contents below. Featuring the best hot chocolate in the world, premium Douwe Egberts coffee, delicious main dishes and more. 

The Tactical Gear Enthusiast 

We have items not found anywhere else in the USA perfect for the gear head on your list. French Special Forces Kevlar Combat Gloves, 3M Combat Arms hearing protection, ESS military grade eyewear, sniper tents, ultra-high end tactical knives and more. 




 Thank you for reading! We are sure you will find just what you're looking for! 

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