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  • Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration
  • Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration

Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration

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Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration



Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration - Generation 2


Due to the increased demand for this product delivery time can be up to 30 business days. By making a purchase, you automatically agree to the extended delivery time.

For the very first time ever, the Belarus Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration is now available in the United States. Exclusively on MREmountain.com 

Each ration is hand-packed, closed, and sealed with a special serialized device that lets you know if the ration had been opened or otherwise tampered.

All of our rations are completely brand new, sealed, and are guaranteed to last. These rare MREs come in exclusive, old-fashioned cans that are durable and easily accessible. Each ration may contain the following entrées:

    • Meat and Vegetable Porridge with Beef (340 g);
    • Buckwheat with Beef (Beef with barley) (340 g);
    • Chicken in Peasant Sauce (338 g); 
    • Buckwheat stew with Beef;
    • Rice Stew with Beef;
    • Beef Goulash;
    • Braised Pork

They also come with a special, sweet Belarusian delicacy made with condensed milk to cleanse your palate afterwards.

The 3 course meal is laid out in the box from left to right.

The first meal of the day is on the left, in the middle is lunch, and on the right is dinner. 

One more Belarusian delicacy is kissel. You can try this drink only in Belarusian ration!

Kissel consists of the sweetened juice of berries, but it is thickened with cornstarch or potato starch.

These rations come with food sundries such as utensils, a beverage bag, and a portable heater with fuel tablets. Simply follow the instructions on the heater for a nutritious, hearty, and filling meal. 

These make great gifts if you have family, friends, children, or acquaintances who love camping, hiking, or going outdoors.

The world's only ration with eco-friendly cutlery!



Menus vary but can include:

  1. Canned meat and vegetable porridge with Beef , canned buckwheat with Beef (Beef with barely), canned chicken in peasant sauce, canned buckwheat stew with beef, canned rice stew with beef, canned beef goulash, canned braised Pork
  2. Chicken pate
  3. Ham Spread 
  4. Crisp Crackers 55gr (1 package of 12 crackers)
  5. Condensed milk
  6. Chocolate chip cookies
  7. Toffee
  8. Waffle bar
  9. Muesli
  10. Peanut
  11. Lollipop
  12. Drink Mix: Strawberry Kissel with Calcium
  13. Drink Mix: Forest Berry Kissel with Vitamin C
  14. Sugar
  15. Instant Coffee
  16. Utensils (Fork, Knife, Spoon and Teaspoon)
  17. Napkins
  18. Scented sanitary wipes (Grapefruit, Lavender, Citrus, Strawberry)
  19. Waterproof matches (6 pieces)
  20. Portable Stove with Fuel Tablets 


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    Delivery of this ration takes approximately 14 business days by priority airmail. If you want expedited shipping (extra charge), please contact us. 

      Each rations ships with a tracking number and insured for any potential losses or damages.