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This is the Canadian Armed Forces Individual Meal Pack (IMP).

A single meal MRE containing a main dish (breakfast, lunch or dinner), side/bread, snacks, dessert, drinks and candy. Contains many ready to eat items, along with instant rice or instant mashed potatoes depending on menu.

Best by June 2019 or later.

A very compact and convenient package. The meals can be eaten hot or cold. Meals are packed in retort pouches similar to USA MREs and can be boiled or heated with flameless ration heaters (FRH). 


Menu Choices Below:

*Sausage and Hash Browns

*Hash Browns and Bacon

*Breakfast Sausages

*Baked Beans

*Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

*Beans and Wieners

*Sausage and Hash Browns

*Beef Macaroni

*Smoked Meat in Mustard Sauce

*Spaghetti & Meatballs

*Chicken and Vegetables Stew

*Smoked Meat with Demi-Glace Sauce

*Beef & Vegetable Stew

*Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya


*Pulled Pork

*Indian Chicken Breast


*Beef Ravioli



*Beef Pot Roast with Vegetables in Mushroom Sauce

*Shepherd's Pie

*Beef Bourguignon

*Chipotle Chicken Carbonara


*Pizza Pasta

  • 3 meals in one day provide approximately 3600 calories, which is adequate for most operational activities. May be supplemented with LMC as required
  • meets Nutrition Recommendations for Canadians except Calcium and folic acid (not significant if consumption period is less than 30 consecutive days)
  • meets all other requirements
  • NSN 8970-21-887-9548 (breakfast/lunch)
  • NSN 8970-21-887-9549 (lunch)
  • NSN 8970-21-887-9550 (supper)
  • shelf life 3 years from date of assembly