International Ration Surprise Grab Bag Bundle Foreign MREs and combat rations

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I'm offering a special listing for those new to the hobby, or those who love surprise grab bags. 
How it works:
  • You will receive a Priority USPS box containing 48 hours of food worth MINIMUM $130 retail value. 
  • You will receive a large 24 hour ration and any combination of single meal ration packs from any nation in stock. 
  • The rest of the box will be filled with FREE BONUS ITEMS! 
  • Bonus items could include individual ration components, entrees, sides, snacks, tea, coffee, gum, candy, accessories, etc!
  • To maximize your value, the largest box possible will be used to protect YOUR items.
  • Rations are NEW, SEALED, IN DATE just like my other stock. (Only exception is Spanish breakfasts with Best By date 6/2017)
You could receive ANY combination of: Portuguese, Czech, British, French, 
German, Russian, Latvian, Dutch, 
Spanish, Polish, Canadian, Lithuanian, 
Kazakhstan, Japanese, Singapore and/or USA! 
Had your eye on something? Send me a request with your order! *wink wink*
Photos are examples.
I'm the only seller on Ebay offering THIS INTERNATIONAL RATION BOX OF MYSTERY! It's a culinary adventure!
This is the perfect bundle for trying a variety of different international MREs and combat rations at a great price! 
Please be aware of any food allergies! Heat all entrees thoroughly.
I ship same or next business day expedited.