Russian IRP Sturm

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Say hello to yet another exclusive never before offered in the USA.

And it’s not just your usual Russian IRP.

Here’s why: the Russian IRP Sturm was created for special units and rapid assault groups within the Russian Federation.

And it’s the first and only IRP that contains:

  • EAC-certified organic meals in gusseted retort pouches
  • 100% GMO-free
  • 100% no preservatives
  • Water-activated flameless ration heater

Each IRP is packed with 1,400+ calories of high-protein, low-fat, and 100% filling and nutritious Russian-inspired meals and offerings.

Oh, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: this ration contains the tastiest liver pate you’ll ever have in an MRP - hands down! 

The Russian IRP Sturm also features some of the region’s finest Halal menu option for your loved ones with specific dietary needs. 

This commercial ration provides a close civilian analogue to a Russian Army 8 Hour IRP with the benefit of a flameless ration heater.

All natural ingredients. No preservatives. High energy value. Ready to eat. Non thirst provoking. Just pure 100% Russian goodness.

It’s perfect for that special someone who enjoys the outdoors. Or for someone who’s always on the go. Or simply for someone who wants a rich, nutritious, filling, and tasty meal anytime, anywhere.
Russian IRP’s are some of the highest-regarded rations in the business and are a rare treat! Get your Russian IRP Sturm rations exclusively at only while supplies last.

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Main courses vary:

Menu 1

Buckwheat with beef

Menu 2

Rice with beef

Menu 4

Chicken in Mexican style sauce

Menu 5

Chicken fillet

Menu 6

Buckwheat with cutlet

Menu 8

Beef with beans

Menu 11

Pork chop

Menu 15

Buckwheat with sausages 

Menu 16

Potatoes wrapped in bacon

Menu 17

Potatoes with beef

Menu 18

Beef with pasta

Menu 19

Sweet pepper beef

Menu 20

Beef with barley

Menu 21

Potatoes stuffed with meat

Menu 23

Pilaf with beef


Side dishes:

1. Army biscuits 
2. Pork pate
3. Apple jam 
4. Powdered apple beverage concentrate 
5. Greenfield Golden Ceylon tea 
6. Sugar 
7. Salt 
8. Pepper 
9. Chewing gum
10. Candy caramel
11. Flameless ration heater

Other Information

Nutrition value: proteins - not less than 30 g, fats - not more than 80 g, carbohydrates - not less than 150 g.

Total calories 1,447 kcal.

Delivery of this ration takes approximately 14 business days by priority airmail.
If you want expedited shipping (extra charge), please contact us.