WWII USSR RED ARMY Second Front ration

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You’re in for a rare, vintage treat from an authentic piece of World War II history

Reproduction of the packaging of egg powder supplied under the Lend-Lease program
A 5 oz pack (about 140 grams) replaces a dozen eggs, is compact and easy to use: a few tablespoons of drinking water and you can make a great omelet

Lend-lease tushonka has become a kind of brand. The Red Army men called this tushonka the "Second Front"

Omelet "Second Front"

Egg powder is one of the most common products supplied to the USSR under Lend-Lease. During the war years, replacing not only eggs, but also meat with egg powder became an absolutely normal and fairly common practice. The handbook of a military chef-baker allows replacing 100g. meat for 17 g of powder

What is Whole Egg Powder? These are eggs that are sprayed in a special chamber at a high temperature, thus depriving them of moisture. The copy is a package of American-made lend-lease powder, inside 5 ounces (this is about 140 grams) that replaces 12 eggs. On the back of the package is detailed instructions for using the powder on the farm
The instruction says that 1 tablespoon of powder, with 2 tablespoons of water, replaces 1 egg

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