Canned Cheeseburger Burgertastic by Dosen Bistro

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As seen on EmmyMadeInJapan and KidsTry


Aromatic, soft-melting Chester cheese wraps around the burger patty made from 100% beef. Hearty sweet onions, fruity tomato slices and an tasty ketchup round off the taste and keep the burger beautifully juicy. This splendid combination is held between two fluffy-bite burger rolls. Freshly prepared and sealed directly in the tin, guarantees that the CheeseBurger keeps its unique flavor and aroma for a long time. One has to say: Simply "burgertastic". Made in Germany. Best by 2029!


42% beef, wheat flour, water, tomato ketchup (tomato paste, brandy vinegar, sugar, modified starch, salt, acidulant citric acid, thickener guar gum and sodium alginate, natural flavor, sweetener sodium saccharin), moisturizing agent glycerin, cheese, chester, sugar, yeast skim milk powder, butter, tomatoes, onions, rapeseed oil, salt, potato starch, melted salt polyphosphate, natural flavor , emulsifiers of sodium stearoyl-2-acylate, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, acidic emulsifiers sodium acetate, sodium carbonate, color carotene, capsanthin 

May contain traces of sesame.