1945 Royal Canadian Navy survival ration vintage sealed

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This is a 1945 date of packing, Royal Canadian Navy "food container" survival ration. Still sealed in amazing condition with key still attached.

Quite possibly the oldest rations available for sale at the moment. Definitely one of the last few remaining intact WW2 rations. 


Perfect for anyone interested in history, militaria, old food or rare collectibles. Finding these in this condition is a rare feat indeed. 

These were stored in a museum in climate controlled conditions. You can literally own (and taste) a piece of history.

These survival rations were used during World War II as life boat rations, in pilot survival kits, and any time when emergency rations where needed. 

Sold as a collectors item, but if you're REALLY brave....crack it open :) Well RC Gusto did! So you can you! 

Imagine it's 1945 what it was like to sit on a deserted beach somewhere, life boat wrecked on shore, this is your only food until rescue or finding a way back home......