1985 Food Packet Survival General Purpose vintage survival ration

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1985 mint condition Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose. Found in an old hanger in Nevada. Amazing condition, with original P38s still attached! 

Perfect gift for anyone interested in history, military, old food, rations, or collectibles. 

You almost never see these in such great condition, virtually spotless. This emergency rations was used in life boats, pilot survival vests, survival kits, aircraft and other situations where no other food was available. 

The Food Packet, Survival was type-classified in 1961, replacing all other survival packets except those designed for space constraints and water limitation. It was adopted by all branches of the Armed Forces as a standard survival ration, replacing both the Food Packet, Survival Arctic, SA and the tropical Food Packet Survival, ST.

The food packet is packaged in a 12-ounce rectangular can (key-opening type) containing four food bars, survival-type (randomly selected from six types available) plus Instant Coffee, Sugar, Soup and gravy base (chicken flavored), a sheet of directions, and a key type can opener taped to the container.