• B-52 USAF Style Aviator Flight Bag
  • B-52 USAF Style Aviator Flight Bag

B-52 USAF Style Aviator Flight Bag

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Olive Green Para Backpack. 

This 100% nylon, USAF styled olive green "B-52 Flight Bag" will really capture the imagination of young, wannabe paratroopers and air enthusiasts alike. The main compartment is spacious enough to allow the bag to be used as an every day bag, with comfortably enough room for a lunch box or even a small laptop. Internally the bag has one zip pocket for keeping items such as keys or a wallet. 

Externally, there are another 2 pockets. One is a small side pocket which uses hook and loop plus an integrated lace tie for closure. The main feature of the bag however is a beautifully produced, strong, heavy duty metal clip. Opened via an orange pull cord which when tugged upwards, activates a mechanism which releases the clip. This allows you access to the main external front pocket. It's a wonderful idea, reminiscent of a parachute release pull cord. 

The bag also comes with 2 integrated, adjustable padded shoulder straps for carrying as well as small handle at the top of the bag. 

- USAF Style Olive Green Para Back Pack
- 100% Nylon
- Heavy duty metal clip opens via an orange pull cord