Chile Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration MRE


We are proud to offer this MREmountain exclusive. Chilean Armed Forces 24 hour combat rations!

Packing date May 2018, Best by 2020. No preservatives, no additives! 

This is an amazingly well put together MRE with unique items and entrees in a sleek milspec package. 

All meals/sides can be eaten hot OR cold. All are packed in state of the art retort pouches, similar to US MREs.


Breakfast: (2) Big Oatmeal Berry Cookies 40gr, peanuts with raisins 100gr, tea, (2) sugar.

Lunch: (2) retort pouch meals 200gr, retort pouch dessert 150gr, beverage powder, coffee, sugar.

Dinner: retort pouch meal 200gr, retort pouch dessert 150gr, beverage powder, coffee, sugar

Accessories: Peanuts and raisins 100gr, (2) salt, (4) napkins, spoon, Flameless ration heaters.

Desserts can be any of the following: 

  • Ciruelas al Jugo (Plums in syrup)
  • Damasco al Jugo (Damascus fruit in syrup)
  • Durazno al Jugo (Peaches in Juice)

As always I continue to bring you the best MREs and combat rations on Earth!