Chile Armed Forces 12 Hour Combat Ration MRE

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We’re proud to bring you yet another exclusive. 

Contents: 1 main meal pouch (200 gr), 1 dessert pouch (fruit), peanuts with raisins (100 gr), Big Berry Cookie (80 gr), flameless ration heater, isotonic drink mix, sugar, salt, coffee, napkins, spoon. 


Featuring 100% ready-to-eat food made out of premium ingredients, these rations make delicious, hearty meals anytime.

It makes for the perfect companion for weekend trips, hikes, camping, or outdoor excursions. And, if it’s good for the Chilean Armed Forces, it’s good for literally anyone who wants a hot, quick, and filling meal anytime, anywhere on the go. They’re perfect gifts for that special someone who loves the great outdoors - or simply for someone who enjoys a good meal.

100% no preservatives. 100% no additives of any kind. Just 100% pure, nutritious, healthy sustenance, with a wide selection of exclusive, scrumptious mains and snacks like fruits and nuts, as the Chilean Armed Forces would only have it!

All meals/sides can be eaten hot OR cold. All are packed in state of the art retort pouches, similar to US MREs.

Now’s your chance to get your Chilean Armed Forces 12 Hour Combat Rations - only while supplies last at!