• Original Soviet WWII Type Russian Army Flask

Original Soviet WWII Type Russian Army Flask

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This is an original, Soviet-manufactured aluminum flask issued to members of the Red Army.

These aluminum flasks are durable, lightweight, and have great thermal conductivity. They are used to carry reserves of up to 750 ml potable water (or any other liquid).

The flask comes with a special jacket that protects it from scratches and wear and tear, which also serves to fasten the flask on a belt. 

A rubber gasket prevents leakage of liquid, and on the vessel neck of the cap there is a screw thread for easy cap closing.

Food-grade aluminum has varying thermal conductivity, thus liquid can store liquids either hot or cold. The flask can also be used for boiling liquids and is suited to be used over a fire.

This flask is useful for hikers, campers, fishermen, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

All of our stock comes from the military depots of the former Red Army and made in the USSR prior to its dissolution. Production date circa May 1991. You are getting a 100% authentic item issued to former Red Army servicemen. This is NOT a replica.

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