CustomMRE Variety Case of 12 MREs Made in USA

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This is a full case of 12 MREs fresh packed in 2018 containing various menus as packed by

Shipping via FedEx Ground to the USA Lower 48 states only!

The cases are prepacked with assorted menus from the list below: 

Entrees will vary from case to case. Examples include: Pepperoni Pizza, Mexican Beef Tortilla Wrap, Italian Style Sausage Sandwich, BBQ Pork Wrap, Jalfrezi Lamb Stew, Honey BBQ Beef Sandwich, Sweet and Sour Chicken Sandwich, Saag Chole with Lamb, Chicken and Vegetables, Vegetable Barely Stew with Lamb, Beef Stew, Chicken Noodle Stew, Beef Roast with Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Soy Sandwich, Macaroni Beef, Spaghetti and Meatballs. 


Each MRE contains 1 entree, side, snack or dessert, bread item, bread spread, beverage powder, flameless ration heaters and accessory packet (toothpick, salt, pepper, hot sauce, wet wipe, candy, spoon, napkin, coffee, creamer and sugar). 

MRE bag may be clear or tan.