Custom NATO Emergency Ration

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Custom NATO Emergency Ration

Often, emergency rations are carried by soldiers, particularly infantry units and special forces during military exercises as well as for emergency situations where all they can rely on is what they bring with them.

This Custom NATO Emergency Ration is exactly modeled after the rations that NATO service men all over the world bring with them. 

These custom-made rations are high in caloric and nutritional content, with high-energy foods and compact survival sundries and instructions that are useful during emergencies, and are created exactly to NATO specifications as far as nutrition, calories, and freshness are concerned.

Each ration comes in a compact, lightweight, durable, and hermetically-sealed vacuum package that you can reuse as a brewing pot or a container afterwards.

The NATO Emergency Ration Pack also contains a coffee set, energy bars, fuel, water purification tablets, and keeps long and well in storage. As a bonus, the ration also comes with the famous coffee bars that are only found in the French RCIR MRE.

Plus, at 6” and 10 oz, the NATO Emergency Ration Pack fits in your pocket, tackle box, glove compartment, and everywhere in between.

It’s the perfect companion for every outdoorsman, traveler, or employee.

This ration is exclusively available at - order now while supplies last.

Emergency Ration Food pack

  • Sealed energy ration pack
  • Has an energy value of 1200 kcal
  • Protein 10-20%, Fat 20-40%, Carbo 40-70%
  • 1 x Protein Bar (Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Orange)
  • 1 x Flapjack (Original) 20% protein, 273 kcal
  • 2 x Energy Gel
  • 1 x Isotonic Drink
  • 1 x Pack of Convar Emergency Biscuits (Chocolate, Peanut or Multi Vitamin)
  • Weighs approx 10 oz per pack
  • Packet strong enough to use as beverage bag
  • Pack date of 2020 best by 2024 or longer 


Survival kit

Tin (with outer foil bag)
1m Paracord
Micro LED Flashlight
Fire Starter/Whistle Unit
Signal Mirror
Liquid-filled Compass
Mini Sewing Kit
Water Carrier
8x Water Purification Tablet
Alcohol Swab
Compressed Towel
20cm Fabric Surgical Tape
Fishing Tin containing:
2x Swivel, Size 10
8m Fishing Line, 6lb
2x Fishing Hook, Size 10
Split Shot Weights, 2x #4 2x BB
2x Safety Pin
Brass Eye
Worm and Maggot Lures
Glow Stick


XL Emergency Ration


Classic Emergency Ration with a gourmet meal along with traditional German military chocolate which make you sing all the way to Westerland! 

As well as plenty of other nutritious add-ons (find detail below) which contains 2778kcal as much as a classic 24hour MRE (RCIR/British MRE)while being more compact and half the weight (1.1 kg as opposed to 2.2kg for basic MRE) in a tightly sealed thick rugged plastic. 

1  German Cheesy Pasta Ration Tin - 740kcal 

1 Convar Energy Biscuit - 500kcal 

1 Scho-Ka-Kola German Tin, 16 caffeine dark chocolates - 553kcal 

1 x Flapjack (Original) + 1 x Cherry and Coconut in the XL version (743 kcal)

2 Energy Gels - 120kcal 

2 Coffee - 5kcal 

1 Bacterial Wipe 

1 Flameless Heater 

1 Purification Tablet