Germany Holiday Snack Gift Set

MRE related Caffeine -

This is an exclusive curated gift box created from the best snacks in Germany! Perfect for the holidays. 

(2) Lindor Chocolate Balls filled with chocolate creme


(2) Nic Nac: Peanuts covered in a salty sweet shell

Schogetten: chocolate covered confection in several flavors: hazelnut nougat, cornflake, Oreo and strawberry.

Dominos: traditional christmas chocolate with gingerbread, layer of marzipan and apricot jam all covered in white chocolate.

Baumkuchen: the legendary German "tree cake", bite sized layered sponge cake coated in dark chocolate ganache 

(2) Nescafe Gold: Premium instant coffee imported from Germany

Maoam: German fruit caramels

Ahoj Brause: German fizzy drink powder in four flavors

Chips: German favorite "Hungarian" flavoring a slightly smoky paprika

 Balla Balla Candy (assorted flavor)