Chile MRE Daff Black Line MREs Case of 12

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From the makers of the Chilean Armed Forces Combat Ration we are proud to bring you our new line of premium consumer MREs! 

Introducing MRE Daff Black Line

MREs are packed 12 to a case! Mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner (4 breakfast, 8 lunch/dinner)

1,500 calories each meal

Each meal contains: 1 x Meal (200 gr) in Thermostatic Retort Pouch, 1 x Dessert (150 gr) in Thermostatic Retort Pouch, 2 x Crackers (50 gr), 1 x Peanuts w/ Raisins (100 gr), 1 x Mixed Berry Jam (75 gr), 1 x Flameless Ration Heater, 2 x Instant Coffee, 1 x Isotonic Drink, 1 x Accessory Packet (Spoon, salt, sugar, tea). 

All 12 meals come packaged in sturdy fiberboard box with metal bands for extra strength.

MENUS INCLUDE: Peaches with granola, Plums with granola, Apricots with granola, Pasta Pomodoro, Salmon with Vegetables, Seafood Paella, Lentil Stew.