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  • Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6
  • Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6
  • Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6
  • Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6

Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6

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Chile MRE Daff Red Line MREs Case of 6.

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MREmountain.com is proud to bring you its latest in a long line of our premium consumer MREs for every purpose!

MIX OF 4 MENUS (2 x breakfasts, 2 x Lunch and 2 x Dinner) = 6 MREs

Breakfast: (plums or apricots with granola)

Lunch/Dinner: Seafood Paella, Pasta Pomodoro


Introducing the Daff Red Line MRE straight from Chile.

The Daff Red Line MRE is one of the top-shelf, most premium MREs you will ever find in the market.

Everything is made of the most exceptional ingredients and the most succulent meats, making for delicious, filling meals anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect companion for those weekend excursions, camping, hunting/fishing, hikes, climbs, travelling, or simply for a quick, filling meal at work or at school.

Daff is a world-class manufacturer that supplies its food products to the United States, Europe, and Asia. This is a complete case of 6 Daff Red Line MREs that is designed to cover all your nutritional requirements for a weekend or 3 days worth of hiking or camping. 

All of Daff Red Line MREs are made with the highest-quality, natural ingredients, and feature unique seafood main entrees you won’t find in any other MRE pack in the world - such as seafood paella and fresh salmon with vegetables!

Daff Red Line MREs also come with a wet pack of high-quality fruit and fiber which are crucial to a balanced diet, as well as their famously delicious large oatmeal and berry cookies to top off a hearty meal!

Each meal contains the following:

  • 1x main meal (200 gr) in thermostatic retort pouch, 
  • 1x dessert (150 gr) in thermostatic retort pouch, 
  • 2x crackers (50gr), 
  • 1x mixed berry jam (75 gr), 
  • 1x flameless ration heater, 
  • 1x isotonic drink,
  • 2x coffee instant, 
  • 1x accessory packet (spoon, salt, sugar).

NOTE: This MRE package contains shellfish (Seafood Paella).

All 6 meals come packaged for the field in sturdy fiberboard box with bands for extra strength. The composition of entrees may change, and the package's color may vary depending on your purchase. But one thing MREmountain.com guarantees is that our rations are always of the highest quality standard.

Experience a top-notch MRE experience with the Daff Red Line MRE 6-pack straight from Chile and its delicious seafood entrees only at MREmountain.com - only while supplies last!