New Zealand Armed Forces 24 hour combat ration

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For the first time ever in the USA: New Zealand Operational Ration Pack 24 hour MREs! 

Breakfast 1 x 100 gram muesli cereal with milk powder.

Snacks 2 x choc bars 2 x muesli bars 2 x pkt sultanas

Lunch 1x instant noodles 1 x pkt cream crackers 1 x cheese spread 1 x fruit salad

Dinner 300 gr meal - packs ( boil in the bag , or eat cold ) Barbecue Beef Beef & Veg Chicken

1 x 85 gr instant noodles Condiments 1 x salt sachet 2 x sugar sachet 2 x coffee sachets 2 x tea bags 1 x sports drink 1 x sweetened condensed milk

All meals can be eaten hot or cold, no chemical heater involved-just boil in a bag,