Original Soviet Russian Army WWII Type Soldier Field Canvas Cloak Tent Raincoat Poncho

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A truly versatile piece of kit. Like most shelter halves used by armies worldwide, the Soviet model bends to a multitude of uses. There are better alternatives on the market, but the Soviet Plash is still the best with its ancient magical aura.

This age old design can be used as a groundsheet, shelter half, rain/camouflage cape, stretchers, or a top layer for sleeping bag/blanket - you can even make a sort of a raft from these. In almost every use it's just a tad too small on its own, part of the rugged charm!

There are a few variations of these, one with leather reinforced corner holes, one with brass grommets. Both work just as well, we do not differentiate.


Made from very tightly woven and impregnated cotton, measurements 180 x 180 cm, weight about 1,3 kg. If you wash it, the colour will fade and the water repellency (if present anymore) will suffer.

When you have wandered the realm long enough to wear the water repellent treatment down, you can use fabric wax to reproof it!

Russian army surplus

Most are in totally unissued condition, but since some are used we simply label these all as "used army surplus". Still, even the unissued ones might well be a bit dusty after decades of storage and some have other signs of storage, like slight fading here or there from the sun.

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