Chinese Armed Forces Type 13 MRE

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This is the Type 13 Chinese Armed Forces MRE. Consists of two main dishes, sides, flameless ration heater beverage and accessory packet. Packed fresh 09/2017 and 10/2017. Shelf life is 3 years from date of packing. 

Menu 1: Fried Rice with meat and veggies 320g, Fried Rice in Soy Sauce 320g

Menu 2: Steamed rice with meat and vegetables. 320g, Fried Rice with Mustard, Pickles and diced pork 320g.

Menu 3: Fried Rice with Curry 320g, Fried Noodles with Mustard, Pickles and Pork 320 gr

Menu 4: Fried Rice with Beef and Green Beans 320g, Fried Rice with Carrot and Chicken 320g

Side dishes can include: Pickled cucumber, pickled radish, pickled turnip, and spicy cabbage.