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The ration of the Ministry of Emergencies includes all the necessary components for an adult for a day. 


A large, unique IRP of the Ministry of Emergencies was developed by the special order of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The weight of a food ration is 2 kg - this is a complete diet for an adult for 24 hours. Rations of the Ministry of Emergencies are packed in an individual package, which can be used repeatedly and carry the elements of the food set remaining after use. The ration of the Ministry of Emergencies fully complies with the requirements of TU 9194-010-87790640-13. It includes not only food items, but also a special opener means for disinfecting liquids, matches in individual packaging, a heater.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations ration can be bought not only for use in the field or as a case filling for emergency situations, because the ration is varied and tasty, suitable for a hiking trip, hunting trip or fishing, as a unique gift. In the production of rations, only natural components are used, so each food item is not only useful and thoughtful, but also tasty.

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Menu varies, but could contain:

1. Army biscuits 

2. Canned meat (usually premium beef) 

3. Canned minced meat 

4. Canned meat and vegetables

5. Canned second lunch dishes with meat

6. Vegetable Caviar

7. Dry milk drink

8. Fruit Jam

9. Fruit stick

10. Concentrate for a drink tonic 

11. Black tea 

12. Instant coffee 

13. Salt 

14. Sugar

15. Ground black pepper 

16. Field vitamin Dragee 1

17. The heater is portable

18. Water-resistant matches - 6 pcs.

19. The opener

20. Water disinfectants

21. Plastic spoon

22. Disinfectant wipes

23. Paper napkin


Other Information

Fats: 227 gr., Protein: 137 gr.
Energy value: 4500 Kcal / 18965 kJ
Weight: 1.9 kg

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