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  • Russian Mountain Ration Special Forces 24 hour combat pack
  • Russian Mountain Ration Special Forces 24 hour combat pack
  • Russian Mountain Ration Special Forces 24 hour combat pack

Russian Mountain Ration Special Forces 24 hour combat pack

Foreign MREs and Ration Packs - MREmountain

Description Please allow up to 30 days for delivery!

You are purchasing a very rare, unique type of Russian FSB, the special forces Mountain Ration. 

contents are subject to change at the factory! 

This ration pack is HUGE and has over 5,000 calories, 5 entrees, flameless ration heaters, stove and just about everything!
Entrees can be eaten hot or cold, just as a US meal ready to eat. 
This FSB version packs MUCH more food, and weighs slightly more than the 'regular' FSB.

This pack is designed for Russian Spetsnaz and other special units operating in high elevation terrain where calorie demands are much higher. This is a special variant of the "regular" FSB, with more calories (5,000 vs 3,500), flameless ration heater (so no fire needs to be lit during covert ops), more entrees, more of everything!  Includes water purification, heaters, everything. See the last photo for comparison side by side. 

This could easily feed 3 people for one day or 1 person for 2-3 days. 
It packs a ton of food in a small package that fits in a backpack.


1. Army biscuits 5 packages 
2. Сanned buckwheat porridge with beef
3. Canned rice porridge with beef

4. Canned macarana with beef
5. Сanned sausage mince
6. Instant rice soup with meat
7. Instant barley soup with meat
8. Instant porridge with meat
9. Instant rice porridge with raisins

10. Canned beef
11. Processed cheese
12. Chocolate nut paste
13. 5 chocolates
14. Fruit jam

15. Fruit stick
16. Coffee
17. 2 packs of black tea
18. Concentrate tonic drink
19. 3 packs of sugar
20. Salt, pepper
21. Napkins and spoons
22. Flameless ration heaters. Just like the USA flameless ration heaters. Just add water and the food is warmed up in 4-5 minutes.
23. Chlorine tablets for water purification.

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We have warehouses around the world!
Delivery of this ration takes approximately 14 business days by priority airmail.
If you want expedited shipping (extra charge), please contact us.

FRESH packed!
Please be aware of any potential food allergies! 
Meals can be eaten cold but for food safety best practices, heat all entrees completely!