Travellunch Full Day Pack Cold Region

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You asked for Travellunch, we delivered! Full day of tasty freeze dried entrees plus dessert and snacks in a VERY LIGHT handy package (less than 2.0 lbs)! 

Two ship for just $10 anywhere in the USA! LIMITED QUANTITY!

These are similar to Dutch Arctic rations, and use components from German EPAs. 

LONG shelf life! 

The well-balanced and tasty daily packages from Travellunch are perfect for outdoors and are fast and easily prepared. The composition of the Travellunch package bases on the German military 24 hour ration pack (EPA).

- Content:
1x Muesli Cereal with raisin, apples and milk
1x Beef Stroganoff
1x Noodle dish Bella Italia with creme cheese sauce
1x Strawberry Cream Cheese Dessert
1x Nutrition Drink Chocolate
4x K4 sesame bar
1x Accessory package (1x salt, 1x coffee, 2x sugar, 2x paper napkin)

- Nutrition value: approx. 3211 kcal.
- Content: 850 g