USA 2009 Food Packet Survival, General Purpose

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Another great find!


VERY RARE US military issue Food Packet Survival General Purpose, Improved (GP-I). These are super light, small and pack as many calories as a full US MRE. Essential survival items packed with fat, protein, carbs, sugar, and morale boosters like chicken broth and tea.

These feature items not found in ANY rations anymore: shortbread bar, cornflake bar, and chocolate chip dessert bar. 

ESSENTIAL for pilots, boaters, hunters, and commuters. It's packs A LOT of calories in a tiny box measuring just 4" x 2" x 3.25" high and weighing only 0.71 lbs! 

“The Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose is used by the Services to sustain an individual in survival situations, including escape an evasion, under all environmental conditions, and when potable water is limited. Requested by the Air Force, it is used to sustain personnel in any survival situation for periods less than 5 consecutive days.”

Manufacturing stamp date is: 9230, which is the 230th day of 2009. These have a long shelf life (minimum 5 years at 80 degrees F). Perfect for your pocket, fanny pack, glove box, backpack, tackle box, snowmobile, 4 wheeler, camping supplies, bugout bag, you name it--for survival situations and the need for compact, lightweight yet life-sustaining calories that are also tasty!
The shortbread bars are AMAZING! The wintergreen tablets will keep your kiddos happy! 
Each self-contained & sealed box contains the following:

The improved version of the Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose successfully survived a storage study of five years duration.

These have been stored in climate controlled conditions, so still have plenty of shelf life left! 

The Air Force definition of the role for this product is that it is used to sustain personnel in any survival situation for periods of up to five consecutive days.

The ration contains six compressed bars consisting of two cereal bars, three cookie bars, and one sucrose bar which are sealed in trilaminate pouches and packed in a water resistant, paperboard box. Lemon tea, sugar, and soup base are also included.

 Each packet provides 1447 kilocalories (5% protein, 39% fat, and 56% carbohydrate). It is designed to provide a maximum of 8% of the calories from protein in order to minimize metabolic water requirements.
Only fourteen ounces of water are required to reconstitute the lemon tea, and soup base.
In user tests, the new Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose was well rated for variety and acceptability.
The weight is .71 lb. per packet. The volume is 0.014 cubic feet per packet. The shelf life for this ration is 5 years at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.