USA Armed Forces Authentic 50 man portable MRE set

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This is a portable and complete set meals, desserts, cutlery, trays, and all accessories for 50 soldier units as issued by the US military for field exercises.

The 50 man ration includes 4 units: 3 boxes with all food and other items, and a box of 50 shelf stable milk.

This unit is complete, sealed and shelf stable.

Contents includes: Beef Taco Filling, Pulled Pork, Tortillas (50), Jalapeno Cheese Spread, Salsa, Dulce De Leche Cake, White Rice, Dining packets (utensils, salt, pepper, napkins, etc), Grape Beverage Powder, Chili and Lime Hot Sauce, Coffee, Butter Flavoring, Lemonade, Paper Trays, Trash Bags, Paper Cups, Gloves,

Fresh packed in 2018. This is the only unit of it's kind available in retail, anywhere.