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Now Chocolate Airship is included in the ration! Limited quantity!

It’s time for yet another rare, and never-before-seen exclusive.

And, just when you thought we at couldn’t outdo ourselves, we do it yet again!

You are looking at an extremely rare USSR Red Army World War II Red Army Ration - exactly as the Red Army consumed in the Eastern Front during wartime!

Each ration is a faithful, exact, and highest-quality reproduction of the exact same rations that nourished the Red Army in Stalingrad.

Moreover, each food item is painstakingly recreated based on its recipe as it was, 70+ years after the war has ended. 

This ration is designed to provide ample nutrition and calories to last 24 hours in survival, combat, or emergency situations.

Apart from the wartime entrees, this ration includes nutritious and filling wheat porridge, delicious pea soup, and refreshing Georgian tea. 

The design of the "Airship" chocolate label reflects the pre-war aspirations of the USSR to master the direction of airship construction. "Fly the highest, the fastest and the farthest!" - such a motto is on the back of the chocolate. The label is an exact copy of the original sample of the April 1941 issue. 

Last, but certainly not the least, this ration also features Tushonka, a canned stewed meat especially popular in Russia and other countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Each ration features Russian “American” pork stew, which sustained the army, during a time when the Lend-Lease act had the Red Army eating American meat products during the time.

This ration can be purchased along with a vintage Soviet mess kit and a flask or traditional spoon made of linden, after drawing from the book "Making wooden spoons" 1933 edition. Such spoons are an important attribute for creating an image and studying the life of a soldier of the Red Army. Although during the war years their prevalence was inferior to ordinary metal spoons, there is a huge amount of evidence confirming the widespread use of such cutlery by fighters. The spoon is impregnated with linseed oil, dimensions are about 195mm * 75mm.

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1. Army biscuits

2. Concentrated pea soup

3. Pork stew 

4. Concentrated wheat porridge

5. Georgian black tea

6. "Airship" chocolate


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