Wehrmacht WWII Ration

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New! Now you can buy Wehrmacht WWII Ration with authentic copy of shaving, ointment, teeth kits, washing powder, powder for feet and board game

You’re in for a rare, vintage treat from an authentic piece of World War II history.

This is a fully authentic copy of the German Wehrmacht WWII Ration, also known as the “Eiserne Portionen” (Iron MRE).

Each ration contains only the highest-quality products, packaged as closely as possible to the original rations from World War II. 

Our satisfying German Wehrmacht WWII Rations include a can of beef stew, a briquette of concentrated pea soup, and 2 packs of crispbread. Coffee and pea soup are also included packed in oil-soaked paper. 

The Iron Ration consisted of canned meat and packaged crackers and were issued when the tactical situation did not allow hot meals to be delivered for 24 hours or more. 


Shaving kit includes a shaver, 4 blades and a special shaving soap. Soap in a stick was a very convenient format for field conditions, because it allowed soldiers to immediately apply it to the face and was easily whipped with a shaving brush

Teeth kit consists of a brush and tooth soap

In ointment kit you can find sanitizer based on chlorhexidine in gel form, zinc ointment, sunscreen with SPF 30, mosquito repellent ointment and ointment for frostbite and chapping. They are all usable and safe for use.

Washing powder copies the original in detail, inside the bright package there is 500 grams of natural, fragrance-free washing powder

A reproduction of the foot powder of the then most popular brand "Vasenol". Inside 34 grams of powder without any fragrances

A copy of the cardboard game for playing checkers and a mill in an entourage paper envelope

Dive into a unique MRE experience and take yourself to the frontlines of battle with the German Wehrmacht WWII Ration - exclusively at MREmountain.com!



1. Canned beef stew

2. Crispbread 2 packs

3. Concentrated pea soup

5. 3 sachets of coffee


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