We all know Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong - at the worst possible time".


And nowhere is it more appropriate than during an emergency, such as a natural disaster, a global pandemic, civil unrest, or war.


Any of these situations can trigger power disruptions, quarantines, and lockdowns - what this means is that anything that you've stored in the refrigerator in preparation for such a scenario will eventually go bad.


If you don't have access to ready-to-eat meals in such a situation, you'll go hungry. And if the emergency services are overstretched and fail to respond quickly, that hunger can prove to be fatal.


That's where MREs can help you!


Simply put, an MRE - or a Meal, Ready to Eat - is a complete meal in a compact, lightweight, and durable package.


MREs come in packaging developed to survive the harshest environmental conditions possible - and rightfully so. MREs, after all, are what feed the armed forces of countries all over the world.


What's inside the bag?

An MRE bag typically contains a main entree as well as an array of food, snacks, and beverage items.  MREs, as the name implies, are ready to eat without cooking or much preparation, but are typically heated by boiling it in water or through the flameless heating device which may be included.


MREs contain an average of about 1,200-5,000 calories in one bag - designed for soldiers to be nourished in the field. MREs are special engineered to deliver the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as vitamins and minerals, to carry out arduous tasks in the field.


Just keep in mind that MRE contents vary from pack to pack and no MRE is exactly the same - which is all part of their charm.


How long do MREs last?

MREs can last as long as five years at ideal storage temperatures (less than 75° F), and possibly for longer (or shorter) depending on the storage conditions - and can last many years in cold storage.


Storing MREs in high temperatures will shorten their shelf life.


Benefits of MREs


  • Variety: MREs used to be the same all over years ago. Nowadays, MREs cater to diverse dietary needs and requirements, including vegetarians.
  • Ease of use anywhere: MREs generally come with heating tools so you can enjoy a hot meal when you have no access to cooking equipment.
  • Portability and durability: MREs are lightweight, durable, and easily fit any backpack for maximum portability.


The best part? You don't have to be a soldier to enjoy the benefits of different food culture through MREs!


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with products of the highest quality.


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