Australia CR1M Armed Forces 24 hour combat ration

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You are purchasing a new sealed VERY RARE Australian Armed Forces CR1M (Combat Ration 1 Man).  

Freshed in the USA packed 2016/2017! 

This is a full 24 hour ration with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, and accessories including the famous F.R.E.D. eating device!

Other items include matches, sweetened condensed milk, and Vegemite

This is one of the hardest combat rations to get in the USA. 

See last photo for menu contents. 

Main dishes are as follows: 

A: Pasta Bolognese, Lamb Casserole
B: Moroccan Lamb, Butter Chicken
C: Chili Con Carne, Chicken with Wild Rice
D: Beef and Pasta, Lamb Korma
E: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lamb and Tomato Sambal
F: Beef and Onion with Gravy, Chicken Italiano
G: Savory Mince, Chicken Korma
H: Lamb Casserole, Spaghetti Bolognese


Mi Goreng Noodles 1x55g

Instant Mashed Potato’s 1x60g

Long Life bread 1x65g

Natural Muesli with fruits and seeds 1x90g

Processed cheddar cheese 1x56g

Chocolate ration 1x50g

Candy chocolate M&Ms 1x49g

Biscuit, Cream cracker 1x35g

Biscuit jam sandwich 1x32g

Chewing gum, Mentos sugar free 2 packs

Concentrated yeast extract (Vegemite) 1x15g

Sweetened condensed milk 1x85g

Sustagen 1x60g

Tomato ketchup 1x15g

Tabasco sauce 1 x 3 ml

Instant coffee 2x3.5g

Tea bags 2x2.5g

Non-dairy creamer 1x15g

Sugar, white 4x7g

Salt 1x2g

Pepper, black 1x2g

Matches 1

Paper, toilet, 10 sheets 1

Bag, plastic 1

Spoon plastic 1

Pads, scouring, soaped 1

Rubber bands, size 32 3

Bag, plastic, self-closer 1

Opener, can, hand (FRED) 1

Menu, ingredients, information sheet 1