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  • CHITOGAUZE XR PRO Hemostatic Battle Dressing

CHITOGAUZE XR PRO Hemostatic Battle Dressing

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  • $49.99

CHITOGAUZE XR PRO Hemostatic Battle Dressing



  • Z-Fold Vacuum Packed for easy application

  • Featuring an embedded x-ray detectable strip

  • Readily conforms into the wound surfaces with complex geometries to rapidly staunch bleeding and seal the wound site

  • Offers antimicrobial properties against 26 bacterial organisms

  • Non-woven, polyester/rayon blend medical gauze is coated with chitosan to maximize its performance and control severe bleeding

  • SHELF LIFE TO 2027

Introducing ChitoGauze® XR PRO, a revolutionary hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds. It is the next generation of chitosan dressing that is composed of a polyester/rayon blend non-woven medical gauze that is coated with chitosan. Featuring an embedded x-ray detectable strip, it is Z-folded and packaged in a vacuum sealed pouch that is compact and rugged.

ChitoGauze® XR PRO maximizes hemostatic performance and reduces the risk of re-bleeding by providing effective hemostasis outside of the normal clotting cascade. ChitoGauze® XR PRO also has natural antibacterial properties against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative microorganisms which are beneficial in presence of debris and environment before the injured are treated with antibiotics or are transferred to a medical treatment facility. Designed for the battlefield, ChitoGauze® XR PRO is an efficacious and easy-to-apply dressing that maximizes hemostatic performance before severe bleeding turns deadly.