Dutch Army Field Mess Kit Set

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Two-piece, light dining and cookware from Dutch army stocks (KL). REAL, not a knock off or copy. 

The large flat bottom absorbs heat more effectively than other smaller mess tins. When the other half is used to cover the one on the flames you'll have your water boiling in no time.

Eating out of one of these is also a lot easier than from the deeper ones.

These are great for camping.

You can use these to heat up any MRE can or pouch.

You can boil, fry, bake, or even use these as as double boiler.

The smaller tin is used as a lid for the larger tin. 

They are light, durable and perfect for prepping, camping, hunting, etc. 

Unbeaded edge


- Aluminum

Weight approx .:

- 280 g


- 180 x 135 x 55 mm length x width x height