German Emergency Survival Ration Vintage Notration

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You are looking at these VERY RARE, vintage 1987 or 2000 German Bundeswehr Emergency Survival Rations.

These emergency rations have been used - even to this very day - by German fighter pilots as survival rations whenever they may be shot down.

This ration contains several compressed food bars made from wheat, palm fat, soy protein, and malted barley), 2 sachets of tea extract that makes 500 ml of tea each, as well as one strip of 4 water treatment tablets for purification purposes.

Don’t miss out on these extremely rare rations - you’ll be hard-pressed to find them even in Germany!

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Several compressed food bars made from: (Wheat, palm fat, soy protein, Malted barley) also in the package are 2 sachets of tea extract, each enough for 500ml of tea as well as one strip of 4 water treatment tablets.