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  • NBC CBRN Multipurpose Gas Mask Filter NATO 40mm

NBC CBRN Multipurpose Gas Mask Filter NATO 40mm

Survival, First Aid and Equipment - MREmountain

Military-Grade Chem-Biological Warfare Agent Filter Canister - MADE: March 2020

(Improved Design w/more approvals!)

NATO 40mm thread - fits most gas masks including ALL Israeli Civilian & Military M15's!

NBC/CBRN & Riot Control Agent Gas Mask Cartridge, Expiration 03/2025 +

Improved, impact resistant filter housing that is now non-metallic / non-reflective (virtually unbreakable) - This Multi-Gas / Multi-Threat NBC filter contains AZTM-TEDA activated and impregnated carbon, with micro-glass and cellulose fibers for HEPA / High Efficiency particle filtration (P100/P3 particulates effectively removed include: Dusts, Mists, Riot Control Agents, CN/CS/Pepper Spray, Tear Gases, Mace, Radioactive/Nuclear particulates, viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, fungus, enzymes & more)