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Russian Army IRP-U Special Reinforced 24 hour combat ration pack

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Russian Army IRP-U Special Reinforced 24 hour combat ration pack

Getting the right amount of nutrients is essential for carrying out daily tasks, outdoor activities, or work. Especially if you have to be on the go all the time. That’s why it’s a great idea to have ration packs ready with you to stay prepared. Apart from that, MREs are an indispensable food source in emergencies, war, or pandemics.

These Russian Army Individual Ration Pack (IRP-U) Special Reinforced 24 hour combat rations are available on MREMountain.com 

Russian Army rations are considered some of the highest-quality MREs in the Russian industry. And this 24-hour combat pack provides complete, total, and balanced nutrition for one person for an entire day.

With over 5,000 calories in each pack, these Russian Army food rations are a ready-to-eat pack of high-quality meals suited for long-term storage in a convenient, easy-to-use package. 

They are used by the Russian Army in the field and used as humanitarian aid for civilians in extraordinary situations such as war or famine. They are also used to provide sustenance to law enforcement professionals, and an essential part of every emergency food supply when unforeseen situations or disasters strike.

The benefits don’t end with hearty meals, beverages, and snacks. This MRE also comes with an easy-to-use portable cooker, waterproof matches, vitamins, and a water disinfection pill.

They make great gifts for hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, or outdoorsmen of any kind. None of the food items included in these rations require special storage conditions, making them fantastic food items to stock at home for a rainy day.


1. Army biscuits (4pcs)
2. Canned meat (2 pcs)
3. Canned vegetables
4. Liver Pate 
5. Chocolate Paste
6. Tonic Drink concentrate
7. Condensed milk
8. Fruit Jam
9. Coffee
10. Tea (2pcs) 
11. Sugar (3pcs) 
12. Salt
13. Pepper
14. Portable Cooker
15. Waterproof Matches (6pcs)
16. Vitamins
17. Water Disinfection pill
18. Napkins (6pcs)
19. Spoon
20. Chewing Gum Mentos 3pcs
21. Сondensed milk
22. Fruit Bar 
23. Tomato Sauce 
24. Second Dinner (Instant)
25. First Dinner (Instant)
26. Breakfast (Instant)
27. Processed cheese
28. Nuts 

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