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  • Russian Army MVD IRP Single Meal MRE
  • Russian Army MVD IRP Single Meal MRE
  • Russian Army MVD IRP Single Meal MRE

Russian Army MVD IRP Single Meal MRE

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"Missed packaging" indicates that the ration arrived at our warehouse with damaged outer packaging during transportation. To ensure our customers receive quality products, we carefully remove the damaged packing, inspect the contents, and repack the ration securely with new packaging. This variant assures that all original components are intact, featuring a fresh expiration date.


Russian Army MVD IRP Single Meal MRE best by 2024 or better

But don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!

This ration is the standard-issue Russian Army MVD IRP Single MRE. It's compact and lightweight. It contains a high-calorie, filling, and nutritious meal all in a convenient, easy-to-handle, and durable package.

The Russian Army uses them as humanitarian aid for civilians in extraordinary situations such as war or famine. They are also an essential part of every emergency food supply when natural or man-made disasters strike.

It's also the perfect companion for a day out hunting, fishing, or hiking, guaranteed to give you energy no matter where you take it. It's only 0.7 kg, so you can take it anywhere you go. Simply throw it in your backpack wherever you go. You'll have a hot meal always ready for when you need it - especially if you intend to travel light!

The delicious entrees included in this MRE may consist of hearty rice and barley porridge with beef, high-calorie buckwheat, and a serving of squash caviar. This traditional Russian snack will tickle your taste buds while providing you a nutritious, hearty, and filling meal.

It's the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman, camper, or hiker in your life. It's also an indispensable companion for hunters and fishermen or a long-lasting food source you can store for a rainy day. Get them now at MREmountain.com - you'll thank yourself that you did.



1. Army biscuits

2. Canned buckwheat porridge with beef

3. Canned rice porridge with beef

4. Canned barley porridge with beef

5. Squash caviar 

6. Fruit jam

7. Black tea

8. Salt, pepper

9. Portable Cooker

10. Matches 6 pcs

11. Napkins