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  • Russian IRP MVD 24 hour MRE
  • Russian IRP MVD 24 hour MRE

Russian IRP MVD 24 hour MRE

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Russian IRP MVD 24 hour MRE



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"Missed packaging" indicates that the ration arrived at our warehouse with damaged outer packaging during transportation. To ensure our customers receive quality products, we carefully remove the damaged packing, inspect the contents, and repack the ration securely with new packaging. This variant assures that all original components are intact, featuring a fresh expiration date.



Russia has been issuing individual food rations called IRP (Individual’nyi Ratsion Pitaniya). These self-contained rations contain a full complement of calories and nutrition for individual soldiers in the field.

This item, the Russian IRP MVD 24 hour MRE is the standard daily emergency ration used by the Russian Army - and this one is the newest generation of them all. 

Each MRE package contains a day’s worth of three filling, delicious, and nutritious meals vacuum-packed in a blister box with a zip lock gripper to carry liquids easily. These MREs come in a lighter, more compact size than previous generations, complete with a portable heater, waterproof matches, and cutlery making them perfect for people constantly on the go.

They contain a meat entree based on typical Russian outdoorsman fare, canned vegetables, snacks, biscuits, sweets, and drinks and a serving of squash caviar. Squash caviar is a traditional Russian delicacy that is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. 

Main entrees vary depending on the ration. They may come in 7-12 different main entrees. Options range from stewed beef or pork, two meat-and-vegetable dishes, such as various porridges, stews, or canned fish.

This MRE features high calorie and energy content. It’s the best gift you can give for that special someone who loves the outdoors, for that special someone who loves to hike, hunt, fish, explore, or store for a rainy day. And that’s not a matter of if, but when. 

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Menu varies, but could contain:

1. Army biscuits 
2. Canned buckwheat porridge with beef 
3. Canned meat with beans and vegetables 
4. Canned beef stew top grade 
5. Canned pilaf with poultry
6. Canned beef with cereals and vegetables
7. Canned goulash with buckwheat porridge
8. Canned stuffed cabbage
9. Canned beef stew
10. Canned beef goulash with tomato sauce
11. Canned poultry meat in tomato jelly
12. Canned poultry ham
13. Canned chicken liver pate
14. Canned minced ham
15. Canned squash caviar
16. Сanned peppers with vegetables
17. Canned jelly fruit and berry
18. Сhocolate-nut paste
19. Concentrate tonic drink
20. Processed cheese
21. Apple jam
22. Fruit stick
23. Coffee
24. Black tea
25. Sugar
26. Salt, pepper
27. Chewing gum
28. Napkins
29. Matches waterproof
30. Heater portable

Other Information

Camouflage sealed waterproof container. weight 1,7kg. Calories 3670 kcal. Delivery of this ration takes approximately 14 business days by priority airmail.
If you want expedited shipping (extra charge), please contact us.