Serbian JNA Yugoslavian Mess Kit

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Known as: Porcija JNA M-69 (often called "Serbian mess kit") The Yugoslav Army Mess Kit M-69 is a six piece mess kit that was standard issue mess kit in the former Yugoslav People’s Army, or as it was originally known the Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija. This mess kit, the Porcija JNA M-69, is a complete mess kit that comes with all that the soldier needs to cook and eat in the field. The Porcija JNA M-69 was originally used by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) and later also with Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian military. Does not include cutlery. 

The complete kit contains: 
• An 2mm thick aluminium cooking pot with folding handle, volume 8 deciliters: 10cm H x 12cm W x 8cm D 
• A tough thermoplastic plastic serving dish which can acts as lid for the pot: volume 6 deciliters
 9cm H x 12cm W x 8cm D 
• 1-litre thermoplastic canteen: 18cm H x 11cm W x 7cm D 
  A square thermoplastic cup, volume 1,5 deciliters
• An olive-drab carrier bag made of canvas 
• The overall dimensions of the combined mess kit are : 19 cm H x 12 cm W x 8 cm L. 
The weight of the whole mess kit when empty is 0.7kg and its color is Olive Drab. The Porcija JNA M-69 is a versatile mess kit which is designed on the same lines as the German Bundeswehr M 59 BW Feldflasche alu 3 Teilig and the Russian VDV M71 Mess kit, in that the kit includes also a canteen as part of it. All the components fit into each other to form one whole and are kept together with the aluminium pot’s handle which snaps on to the food dish/cover. The fact that most of the Porcija is made of tough plastic, including the canteen, makes it very light. Moreover its cubic design helps a lot when it comes to packing. The canvas cover which closes with a snap on button, has to cloth loops (similar to the ones used on Russian canteens and VDV mess kit covers) so that it can be attached to the soldier’s webbing belt. It also includes an internal pocket for the eating utensils. 
Today it's one of favorite mess kits used by hunters, campers, airsofters, hikers, and survivalists all over the world since it provides you with all in one style mess kit for amazing price.