TentMeals High Energy Health Instant Meals

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  • $ 6.99 USD


TentMeals are small, lightweight, compact and calorie dense instant meal. These are perfect to hiking, backpacking, training, rock climbing, hunting, and as emergency meals. 

A variety of hand packed menus are available for breakfast and main meals. 

  •  HIGH ENERGY: 500 calorie meal is smaller than a soda can

  • LIGHT: ~100 grams each meal

  • NATURAL: Each bag is packed with nuts, seeds and coconut based products NO OILS!

  •  VEGAN

  • BALANCED: you can choose any meal for your needs of carb, protein and fats.



Blueberry Burst 

A sweet, nutty and exotic porridge packed with juicy blueberries, creamy coconut shavings, and a sprinkling of lemon and cranberry.

Subtly Cinnamon

A sweet, warming and classic porridge packed with juicy dates and pears, topped with sunflower seeds and walnuts chunks.

Super Seed and Red Berry

A hearty, wholesome and fruity porridge of sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds, sprinkled with whole raspberries and strawberry pieces

Sour Cherry and Chocolate Breakfast -

A gluten free* multigrain porridge with roasted hazelnuts, sour cherries and creamy cocoa.

*free from gluten containing ingredients, but made in a facility that handles gluten (so traces of gluten may be present).



Almond Jalfrezi

A mild rice curry of almonds, onion, coconut and bell peppers, in a smooth, creamy coconut sauce.


Italian seasoned couscous packed with nuts, veg, sundried tomatoes and parmesan style shavings

Moroccan Mango

Hearty Moroccan spiced couscous bursting with juicy mangos, jumbo raisins, apricots, almonds, and crunchy walnuts bites