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  • TinderZIP zipper pulls
  • TinderZIP zipper pulls

TinderZIP zipper pulls

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TinderZIP zipper pulls


The tinderZIP™ is a zipper pull that, in an emergency, can be used as tinder. Each pull has an inner core that is a highly flammable, waterproof, and easy to ignite tinder that will allow you to start a fire in any environment.


  • tinderZIP™ (5 pc) 
Flammable Core
The tinderZIP™ has a red treated core that easily lights from a spark. Simply pull the core out and fluff the end with a knife before sparking.
Easy to light
tinderZIP™ can be lit from a ferrocerium rod such as our nanoSTRIKER XL™ or a sparker such as our nanoSPARK™.
Burns like a Wick
tinderZIP™ burns like a candle wick for approximately 1 minute.
Water Resistant
The treated core has a wax like coating making it impermeable to water. Before lighting, knock the water off then fluff the end with a knife.
Easy to Carry
Place a tinderZIP™ on all of your jacket and pack zippers for an almost limitless supply of easy-to-light tinder!