USA Meal Cold Weather FULL CASE

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Full case of 12 meals, all menus. Inspection date 2021 or later. 

CLEARANCE: 2019 Best By Date Case! 

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Each ration provides an average of 1560 calories, composed of 52 g of protein, 58 g of fat and 221 g of carbohydrates. Three MCW’s per day provides the minimum 4500 calories required for heavy exertion in extreme cold. Limits on protein and sodium help to reduce risk of dehydration in cold weather environments, and additional powdered beverages also encourage hydration. 

CONTENTS Both rations include dehydrated components, which reduces weight while mitigating the risk of frozen rations during cold weather operations. Other components include spreads, crackers, cookies, sports bars, nuts, candy, powdered beverages, accessory packet, and spoon. All powdered beverages are packaged in a drink pouch for ease of consumption.