Vintage USA Ration Cold Weather

USA combat rations - MREmountain

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This is a vintage, great condition late 1990s USA military Ration Cold Weather. These are quite possibly still edible but sold for collection and display purposes only. 

You are purchasing one menu meaning bag A and bag B together for the stated menu. Menus and contents show in photos. 

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What Is a Ration, Cold Weather?

The Ration, Cold Weather (RCW) is used to sustain an individual during operations occurring under arctic conditions. The RCW is a totally self-contained operational ration consisting of one full day’s feeding packaged in a flexible meal bag made of white camouflage material. It contains 2 meal bags (an A and B pouch) which are lightweight and fit easily into military field clothing pockets. There are 6 rations per shipping container, one of each menu. The weight of each individual ration is 2.75 lbs, with a case weight of 21.31 lbs.


What’s in an RCW?

The six menus contain freeze-dried, cooked entrees such as chicken stew and spaghetti with meat sauce and other low moisture food. Items that may be used as a breakfast include a variety of different flavored oatmeal, a nut raisin mix, and fruit/cookie bars. Lunch items may contain chicken noodle soup, crackers, orange flavored beverage base; lemon flavored tea, apple cider, and candy. Each menu provides approximately 4500 kilocalories (8% protein, 32% fat, and 60% carbohydrate). The RCW provides sufficient kilocalories to meet energy expenditure during heavy exertion in extreme cold, while limiting sodium and protein content to reduce the risk of dehydration in arctic environments. The sodium content is 5 grams per ration.


How Do I Eat an RCW?

The individual prepares the food. If all components are hydrated, the water requirement is 90 ounces. Fuel tablets for heating water in a canteen cup are provided separately.