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  • XMRE 1300XT Case of 12 Meals Made in USA
  • XMRE 1300XT Case of 12 Meals Made in USA
  • XMRE 1300XT Case of 12 Meals Made in USA

XMRE 1300XT Case of 12 Meals Made in USA

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  • $149.99

XMRE 1300XT Case of 12 Meals Made in USA


The XMRE® 1300XT® provides 1,200 – 1,500 calories of US military grade, ready to eat meal components. All components are field tested and fully cooked so they can be eaten right out of the pouch. The 1300XT® is always freshly packed. The XMRE® 1300XT® is designed as a military MRE (MEAL -READY-TO-EAT) that can also meet the needs of the civilian market.

BEST BY DATE 2028 - FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48!

 • All U.S. military grade components
• Fully cooked meals, no water required to reconstitute food
• No refrigeration required
• Lightweight, durable and waterproof packaging
• Extended Shelf life
• Lot number (pack date) embossed on bag and printed on case

All components are packed in high-density water, and tamper proof XMRE XT Series outer bag.

Flameless Ration Heater: Powered by our patented NXH™ Technology, a flameless ration heater in included with each meal.

CURRENT MENUS: 1. Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Chocolate OBAR, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spiced Apples, Peanuts, Cool-Off Orange.

2. Chicken Creole, Cheddar Cheese Filled Cracker, Unsalted Corn Nuggets, Figbars, Cheddar Cheese Spread.

3.Southwest Style Chicken, Unsalted Corn Nuggets, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, BBQ Toasted Corn Kernels, Cool-Off Orange.

4.Chili with Beans, Plain Cracker Cheddar Cheese Spread, Apple Sauce, Figbars, Cool-Off Orange.

5.Chicken Chunks, Flour Tortillas, Cheddar Cheese Spread, Apple Sauce, Peanuts, Trail Mix, Cool-Off Lemonade.

6.Italian Sausage with Peppers & Onions, Flour Tortillas, Unsalted Corn Nuggets, Jalapeno Cheese Spread, Figbars, Cool-Off Orange.

We reserve the right to change the menu configuration at any time and without prior notice