French Armed Forces RCIR 24 hr combat ration pack MRE

You are purchasing one (1) new, sealed French 24 hour military ration, known as the RCIR. 

Best by date is 2023 and 2024.


This ration has the best cuisine of any MRE in the world. 

This is a 24 hour ration with breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a esbit style stove with fuel tablets. 



  • Ready Cooked Dishes x 2 (varies with menu) see table below

  • Muesli (Breakfast)

  • Starter (varies with menu)

  • Spread (cheese or chocolate cream)

  • Salted and Sweet Biscuits 

  • Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate

  • Nougat, Fruit Jelly, Energy Bar

  • Chocolate Bar

  • Isotonic Drink Powder

  • Jam

  • Tissues

  • Reheating kit (Esbit stove with fuel tablets and matches)

  • (6) Water purification tablets

1: kebab meatballs, tuna fish and potatoes, chicken pate
2: chicken couscous, salmon with rice & vegetables, tuna pate
3: TUNA IN COCONUT MILK, poultry tabbouleh, sardine fillets
4: piperade tuna, beef lasagna, chicken liver pate
5: beef tortellini, oriental salad, salmon pate
6: chilli con carne, pasta and salmon salad, duck pate
7: Asian chicken & shrimp, tuna salad, cod pate
8: salt pork and lentils, sausages in spicy sauce with rice, fish and vegetable filling
9: pork with rice and pineapple, duck cassoulet, deer pate
10: duck and mashed potatoes, italian salad, traditional pork pate
11: PISTACHIO STUFFED SAUSAGES, pork risotto with mushrooms, pork pate & mushrooms
12: paella, strasbourg sausages & pasta, boar pate
13: Farmer hotpot, carbonara pasta, tuna and cheese filling
14: pork cheek with ravioles, Beef salad, tuna in pickled sauce

Please be aware of any potential food allergies! Menus may vary from the factory!