Russian IRP-Z Winter Special Reinforced


This is an MREmountain exclusive Russian IRP-Z Special Winter Reinforced 24 hour combat ration pack.

This ration packs nearly 5 lbs of food with an additional special emergency food module! Almost 4,200 calories! INCLUDES HAND WARMERS! 

Not only does it include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but also 3 additional meals of emergency food!  HUGE entrees! Stove, fuel, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, nuts, hand warmers, and 3 additional meals! It even had a handle with three finger holes for ease of carrying. This thing has it all.


March 2019


1. Army biscuits.

2. Canned meat.

3. Canned meat and vegetables.

4. Canned meat and vegetables.

5. Canned vegetable snack bars.

6. Liver pate.

7. Chocolate-nut paste.

8. Tonic beverage concentrate.

9. Dry milk drink.

10. Fruit jam.

11. Natural instant coffee.

12. Black long tea.

13. Sugar.

14. Table salt.

15. Pepper.

16. The heater is portable.

17. Matches are water-resistant.

18. Multivitamins.

19. Means for water disinfection.

20. Disposable plastic spoon.

21. Disinfectant wipes.

22. Paper napkins.

23. Chewing gum.

24. Condensed milk.

25. Fruit stick.

26. Tomato sauce.

27. Second lunch dish (quick cooking).

28. First lunch dish (fast food).

29. Breakfast dish (quick cooking).

30. Processed sterilized cheese.

31. Nuts.

32. Autonomous heat source for heating a person.

Other information

Contains 5,027 calories and weighs 4 lbs, 15 oz

We have warehouses around the world!
Delivery of this ration takes approximately 14 business days by priority airmail.

If you want expedited shipping (extra charge), please contact us