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  • Russian Specpit "Week of Life" Freeze Dried 24 hour Expedition Rations
  • Russian Specpit "Week of Life" Freeze Dried 24 hour Expedition Rations

Russian Specpit "Week of Life" Freeze Dried 24 hour Expedition Rations

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Russian Specpit "Week of Life" Freeze Dried 24 Hour Expedition Rations

We understand that life can get in the way of proper nutrition. Particularly for those who cannot afford nutritious hot meals for objective reasons.

That’s why this Russian Specpit “Week of Life” Freeze-Dried 24 Hour Expedition Rations are the perfect match for professionals who are constantly on the go. They are also perfect for tourists, fishermen, hunters, hikers, campers, or avid outdoorsmen who have little time to prepare meals. The same is true for drivers, security guards, travel guides, and law enforcement officers, oil rig workers and other shift workers who need proper nutrition, but do not have time to cook.

These MREs feature 7 menu options that are well-balanced in composition, nutrients, and calories, expertly formulated for a week’s worth of proper nutrition. That’s why it’s called the “Week of Life” - because you’re guaranteed to get through a whole week with the optimal amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals..

Preparation is simple. All you need to prepare a hot meal and a drink are:

  • 2 L of water 
  • dishes for cooking
  • cutlery

Lastly, the convenient packaging these MREs come in can be used in plenty of useful ways, such as:

  • carrying water;
  • pickling meat, fish, and vegetables;
  • disinfecting water;
  • cooking food

It’s perfect for long hikes and trips, particularly when you know every ounce of energy matters, all with the benefit of eating something delicious, nutritious, and hearty for 3 meals a day. And your choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are as many as the days of the week! Eat something new, every meal, every day!

The best part? Each daily ration (1 piece = 1 day) is lightweight and compact - and weighs less than a loaf of bread, but contains over 2345 calories per ration, which is sufficient to last you the whole day.

Don’t miss out on this MREmountain.com exclusive! 


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Main courses vary:


1. Oatmeal porridge with banana (instant cooking)

2. Ukrainian borscht with meat (instant cooking)

3. Mashed potatoes with meat and cream (instant cooking)


1. Omelet with fried onions

2. Spicy potato soup with meat

3. Pilaf with meat


1. Rice porridge with cherries, honey and cream
2. Noodle soup with vegetables and meat
3. Buckwheat with meat and vegetables


1. Omelet with fried onions
2. Fish soup with pink salmon
3 Mashed potatoes with meat, fried onions and cream


1. Oatmeal porridge with cherries
2. Mushroom soup (assorted mushrooms)
3. Buckwheat with Vegetables


1. Rice porridge with banana, honey and cream
2. Noodle soup with mushrooms
3. Mashed potatoes with fried onions and cream


1. Buckwheat with mushrooms
2. Pea soup with spicy vegetables and meat
3. Rice with vegetables

Side dishes:

 1. Army biscuits

2. Fruit jam

3. Chocolate

4. Fruit stick

5. Tomato sauce

6. Raisins

7. Nuts

8. Sunflower seeds

9. Concentrate for a drink tonic

10. Energy drink (effervescent tablet)

11. Natural honey

12. Black tea

13. Instant coffee

14. Sugar, salt, pepper

15. Caramel candy "Barberry"

16. Chewing gum

17. Disinfectant wipes

18. Paper napkins

19. Water disinfectant

20. Waterproof matches

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