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Wholesale Bulk MREs and combat rations

I have experience sourcing, brokering and arranging deals for governmental and non-government entities of all kinds. 

Any quantity is available. I will give you a selection of choices and quotes to match your budget and needs.

Please contact me directly at:

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USA MRE BASICS: Date codes, date of packing, best by dates, freshness, weight, etc

Most USA manufactured MREs (both military and civilian) use a 4 digit Julian Date code.  Individual MREs may or may not have a date code, same applies to individual components.  See examples below. The first Apack was...
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Our MRE and combat ration beginners guide!

I get so many questions every day from those new to the hobby. I decided to write a beginners guide to MREs and combat rations. There are a bewildering variety of MREs and combat rations around the world. That is one ...
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Custom packages and orders. YES we do that too!

Do you need a custom package for a party or a care package sent to a friend overseas? Just send us a message. We will give you a detailed quote with a package discount! Rations are an amazing way to enjoy time outdoo...
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Restock status and ordering out of stock items

Unfortunately it's not possible to order out of stock items at this time. All of these foreign MREs and rations are extremely rare and difficult to source and obtain from overseas. If you REALLY need something, just ...
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Accepted payment methods

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. We can accept BitCoin if enough customers express interest. If you want to be able to pay with BTC please LET US KNOW! 
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