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Australian CR1M 24 hour Combat Ration

Manufactured in New Zealand
Overall rating: 9.5/10

Main meals: Moroccan Lamb, Chicken Korma.
- Contains over 50% meat which is unheard of in any other MRE.
- Great natural taste, no preservatives.
- Gusseted Pouch, can stand up on its own.

Sides: Instant mashed potatoes - Great even cold. Far superior to anything in the US.

Snacks: Steak bars - softer and bigger than Slim Jim, all natural beef.

Bega canned cheese - our favorite item. Mild cheddar flavor. 

Bread - amazingly soft with great chew.

Crisps - Very similar to high end crackers in the US. Like an "everything" bagel in a cracker.

Wholegrain Cereal Bar with Fruit and Chia Seeds - soft, great balance of grain and fruit flavor. Very little sugar.

All Fruit Bar - soft and very flavorful. Like an all natural fruit roll up. No added sugar.

Chocolate Chip Cake - soft but firm. Real chocolate chips inside. Not very sugary tasting. One of the best cakes in any ration.

Chocolate Ration - high temp chocolate, "real" chocolate instead of sugary milk chocolate.

Jam - also very natural tasting and balanced compared to US products.

Vegemite - if you know you know 😂

Coffee Flavor Protein Drink - ridiculous amount of protein, caffeine, not super high sugar. Similar to cold coffee products but powder form.

Muesli with creamer - like organic grocery. Perfect with the condensed milk

Closing thoughts:
- Amazing and all natural tasting food.
- Very little added sugar.
- Lots of meaty items.
- Not many sugary drinks

Incredible quality of life items:
- FRED Spoon, can/bottle opener
- The best MRE spoon in the world
- Waterproof matches in container,
- pre-soaped scour pad/sponge
- thick rubber bands
- toilet paper
- brew kit with coffee, tea, sugar creamer
- Gusseted pouches
- NOTHING was broken, not even a cracker. Amazing

- No heaters
- No wet wipes
- lack of electrolytes


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