Japan Self Defense Force Type II Improved MRE Field Test Review

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Japan Self Defense Forces Type II MRE
Manufactured in Japan
Overall Rating: 8/10
NOTE: Explanation of JSDF MRE design is at the end of this post.
Contents: Trays of rice x 2, main meal pouch, side dish pouch (seaweed), spork.
Heating up the contents - JSDF MREs come with a unique flameless ration heating system consisting of a large bag and packaged heating pad.
The large heating bag:
The heating pad: 
Heating pad is placed in the bottom of the large bag.
Both trays are placed atop the heating pad.
Water is then added to the bag to soak the heating pad and produce steam.
The heater pad package is marked for premeasuring 180 ml of water
The pad starts heating immediately, and continued for over 45 mins! 
We could have heated several meals, with one pad and 180ml water.
Main meals: Grilled Pacific Saury (fish) - sweet and savory sauce, flavor a bit like grilled eel sushi but no fishy taste at all.
Once rice was hot we poured the main meal pouch over the trays
Large pieces of flaky fish
The side dish or "snack" was 4 large sheets of seasoned seaweed
Incredibly, none were broken or even cracked. The rice is short grain rice very similar to sticky sushi rice. Everything held together well and I was able to make my own sushi hand rolls in the field! 
A very complete flavor experience; sweet, savory and salty when combined in this way. Nothing to offend even those who do not like fish. 
Definitely unlike any other MRE experience! 
PROs: Amazing flavors
incredibly efficient heating system
filling meals in very small package
Quality of ingredients with no preservatives or colors
CONS: no accessories, not even a napkin
no electrolytes no drinks
no snacks
no dessert
mostly rice
Japan does not have any actual standing military, based on agreements to surrender and end World War II. 
Thus, the size and capabilities of their forces are extremely limited to those strictly necessary for "defense of sovereignty".
Therefore the Japan Self Defense Force was born. 
The MRE reflects the current JSDF mission and limitations: the self defense force does not assault or otherwise conduct operations against any other nation forces.
JSDF does not need MREs the way other militaries would. 
Their operations would be limited to field training exercises and/or limited forays on to small islands owned by Japan.
JSDF soldiers are never far from resupply or field kitchen feeding solutions. 
This would explain the lack of accessories in this MRE, particularly for hydration and hygiene. 


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