French Armed Forces 24 hour RCIR Field Test Review News, Foreign MRE FAQs, and Guides
French Armed Forces RCIR 24 hour Combat Ration
Manufactured in France
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Main meals: Beef Lasagna, Piperade Tuna, Fruit Muesli
- Beef Lasagna
was mind blowing. Tasted better than homemade! 
Check out these INSANE Lasgana noodles! Lots of meat and cheese!  
- The cans were very easy to heat on the included stove or in the BCB Mess Tin. 
- The cans are also able to be boiled in water on a stove for indirect heating.
- The heating kit includes stove, fuel, matches, handle for the main meal cans, folding spork and water purification 
The Piperade Tuna was very tasty. Not too fishy. Real peppers, real couscous, big chunks of tuna medallions (not like US canned tuna). 
The Fruit Muesli was thick, tasty and cooked perfectly. Not too sweet. 
We would eat this for breakfast every day, no problem. 
Sides - Chicken Liver Pate: Not as strong as other pates like in Russian MREs
Our daughter ate the whole can pretty much. I liked it OK on the biscuits. 
Campaign Biscuits - Everyone's favorite MRE crackers.
- 6 packets of 2 biscuits each (total 12 biscuits) are provided. 
- This is great because you can save them for each meal if desired
- 3 flavors are provided:
"Cereales" which tastes a bit like Wheat Thins
"salted" which is your basic saltine but richer in taste
The last is like a sweet chocolate chip type dessert biscuit. 
The great thing about these biscuits is the flavors pair with everything: cheese, pate, jam, chocolate, whatever you want to use them for. 
Most versatile bread item in any MRE period. 
Andros Jam - it just tastes better than any other jam we've had. It's not super sweet, it's just the right balance. 
Instant Soup - balanced, not too rich. Like thicker chicken noodle base, was surprised to see ACTUAL REAL mushrooms! 
Pate de Fruits Bar - Very natural taste. Not too sweet. Would be happy to eat this every day as well. Soft and chewy, but doesn't get stuck in your teeth. 
Energy Bar - Peach Apricot: A bit like a better tasting Power Bar with real fruit pieces inside. Enjoyed it.
Commando Bar aka Coffee Energy Bar - People have asked for this to be sold stand alone for many years. For good reason. It's small, has a great coffee taste, provides energy and caffeine boost. Perfect snack for the field. 
Desserts: Dark Chocolate Bar
Had a tiny bit of bloom. 60% dark chocolate. Low sugar. Would be a luxury chocolate in the USA. Not too bitter surprisingly. 
Chocolate Mousse - Definitely the best dessert in the world. Creamy, thick, not too sweet, not too bitter, mostly just dark chocolate and thick cream. 
Quality of Life Items: One of the best drink sets in any MRE
Premium Tea bags in two flavors Mint and Royal Ceylan 
Instant Coffee x 2 - a premium dark roast coffee
Hot Instant Coco - Rich and dark, less sugar than US coco. 
You can make your own mocha coffee hot or cold which is amazing! 
Isotonic Sports Drink Lime- we all liked the flavor. Less sugar than average.
Sugar x 2
Salt x 2 and Pepper x 2 (we used it, it was high quality black pepper)
Kleenex/Tissues - These are a nice touch. We always end up keeping these around as they are soft, high quality and they provide you ALOT of tissues. 
Garbage bag - really nice touch again easy to deal with the trash which there is quite a lot in this MRE.
Matches - Good quality and they give you alot you can keep and use the box or refill it. 
Folding Stove - Sturdy metal, reusable, they got rid of all the sharp edges. 
Fuel Tablets - Good Esbit brand name. Don't smell bad like others.
Can Handle - invaluable for cooking the meals in the cans on the stove.
Pros - amazing food quality and taste. 
- Tons of stuff! Appetizers, Soup, lots of snacks, lots of crackers. 
- A single person probably won't eat all this in one day, good value.
- Has everything you need in the box, stove, matches, fuel, etc. 
- Everything can be eaten cold as well. Still tastes great. 
- Packaging holds up very well to field use, nothing leaks. 
- Good quality of life items, great drink mixes. 
Cons - it's a bit heavy, but on par with other 24 hour canned packs. 
- no wet wipes.
- lacks electrolytes - one drink for all day is not enough for field activity.
- generates alot of garbage and sharp cans etc. 


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